Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For Sheets and Giggles

We got some new sheets last weekend. Yes, we did a little shopping on Black Friday weekend, but, no, it was not at 5am and we didn't stand in line for hours in front of Walmart hoping to be the first ones in. And, no, we didn't trample and kill anyone like they did at the Walmart we all heard about in the news. I was so disturbed by that story. Here's this man making a few bucks an hour at Walmart, probably so thankful that he had a job, any job, so that he could feed his family and maybe buy them a few gifts this holiday season, and he gets trampled to death while trying to open the doors for the hordes of frenzied shoppers. And the worst part was how angry the shoppers got when they were told that the store had to close because someone had been killed.

Anyway, no we didn't kill anyone in our quest to join the bargain hunters this weekend, we weren't even shopping for sheets. We were shopping at Target for cat food and cat litter (what else) and just happened to see a display with 1000 thread count sheet sets at 40% off. 1000 count? I don't think I've ever even SEEN 1000 count sheets before in my life, much less on an end cap at Target, and at a sale price about the same as a set of scratchy 300 count sheets. So, we got some to replace the sheets that I hadn't noticed were two different colors until we got better lighting in the bedroom.

So, that was our exciting weekend, new sheets!

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