Monday, November 17, 2008

What's That Smell?

The weather has been pleasant here this past week, pleasant enough so that I could open up the windows and let some fresh air in. Mmmm...nice fall breezes wafting through the open windows. Lovely.

Then I went into the work room to do some work and noticed a rather strong poopy smell in the room. Okay, who pooped in the cat box and didn't cover it up? No, nothing in the cat box that smells, did they leave me a little present somewhere else in the room? No, don't see any little piles of kitty poop anywhere, is there something on the bottom of my shoe? Nope, what the heck? Where is that poop smell coming from?

Oh, it's coming from OUTSIDE! The fresh fall breezes are bringing smells of poop from the cows at the dairy farms outside of town. The whole city smells like POOP!! Lovely.

And speaking of smelly things, Keith filled me in on his daughter's party that I wisely decided not to go to. Picture a bunch of twenty something military guys all drinking beer, having farting contests, drinking more beer, pulling down some girls tube top, drinking more beer, punching each other in the crotch, drinking more beer, vomiting up said beer in the back yard, and then drinking more beer until 3am. I guess the party was a huge success! So sorry I missed it!

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Jennifer said...

Oxnard smells like poop sometimes too. We get the smell from them when it is foggy every once in a while. Isn't so fun to live somewhere that smells like poop?

I too would be glad to have missed her party. Sounds like a lot of fun. It probably would be fun if I was younger. Not that I am that old but still those days are way past me. I have a hard enough time staying up til 11!!!