Friday, November 21, 2008

Strange Noises

This morning I was sitting at the computer (again-it's my morning routine to get my coffee and sit at the computer) and I heard some noises like one of the cats had found some crinkly trash to play with. Curious to see who was playing with what, I got up and checked around the bedroom-no, no cats in here-so I checked in the bathroom-nobody in there. I looked around a little more, didn't see anyone playing, and kind of went 'huh' and back to the computer.

Then I heard it some more-crinkle crinkle crinkle. A sound just like when they find a cellophane wrapper off of something and carry it around the house. So, I got up and checked around some more. No cats in the bedroom and no cats in the bathroom. Mimi and Harri were in the other bedroom sleeping, Bear was in the living room sleeping, as were Lucy and Pepper. What the heck? Who's making that noise?

Back to the computer again, silence for a while, and then more crinkling. From above me. The sound was coming from the vent in the bedroom ceiling. A sound not unlike a rat up in the attic crawlspace. Either that or the crinkling of a fire in the attic crawlspace. No smoke, though, and no flames shooting out of the vent. What is going on here? Do we have creatures in our ceiling?

Wait a minute. I didn't see Buddy when I was counting cat heads. Is Buddy up in the attic crawl space, and if so, how did he get up there?

Well, after remembering about the big hole that Keith cut into the garage ceiling a few years back, I had a clue as to how Buddy got into the attic. I don't remember why Keith cut a hole in the garage ceiling, but do remember something about him falling through said garage ceiling and cutting a second hole where he fell through the ceiling, so there are actually two side by side holes in the garage ceiling. How did Buddy the wonder cat manage to get to the holes in the garage ceiling? Well, in Keith's quest to organize the garage, he put a bunch of climbable stuff and a refrigerator under the holes in the ceiling. So Buddy was able to climb the stuff, jump to the top of the refrigerator and up through the hole in the ceiling.

So, I went to the garage and called for Buddy who soon appeared and jumped back down onto the stuff under the hole, and not wanting him to go back into the attic, where there are all sorts of dangers to kitties, I tempted him into the house with kitty treats and then locked the cat door into the garage.

Whenever the cat door is locked, it drives them all nuts that they can't get into the garage, so I taped some paper over the door, which of course drove them nuts trying to get that paper off of the cat door. They have a habit of running through the house and then slamming through the cat door, so I didn't want anyone to knock themselves sillier than they already are by slamming into the locked cat door. I figured if there was paper over it, they might stop first before slamming.

So, anyway, no rats and no fire, just a cat who's curiosity hasn't killed him yet.

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Anonymous said...

haha... cute story! Love that last bit...