Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just saw a cat chasing a little dog down the street. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.

We are going to start keeping our money under our mattress. We had some money invested in mutual funds-on the advice of our broker-and lost over $2000.00 this past month. Poof. Then after looking at things a little closer we realized that we had lost a total of over $5000.00 this year. Poof again. Now, all the financial experts will tell you to just ride it out and things will turn around, but if I ride it out much longer, our small investment account will just completely disappear. So, I'm closing that account and putting all the money into The Mattress Savings and Loan. (not really-it will get put into the bank.) The silver lining is that we'll get to take a big write off on our taxes, but I'd really just rather have that $5000.00 back.

We got invited to go to Keith's brothers for Thanksgiving! Yay! That means I don't have to cook! Yay! Not that I was planning on cooking anyway! And I asked if we could bring anything and they said no! So I don't even have to bring a dish! Yay!

Oh, and speaking of Thanksgiving, we were shopping at Wal-mart the other night (cat food and toilet paper, the usual staples) and noticed a huge banner on the front of the store. OPEN THANKSGIVING. What the ? I'm sure the Wal-mart employees are just thrilled that they get the opportunity to work on Thanksgiving. And I'm sure that since they are open they have eliminated the paid holiday for Thanksgiving, one of the very few holidays that Wal-mart employees get paid for. Oh, how I miss working there-insert extreme sarcasm here.

The bell ringers are out already, too, I guess they're starting early since they will probably feel the economic pinch just like everyone else. I put a dollar in the bucket at Vons yesterday and you would have thought it was $20.00 from the effusive thanks for being so generous that I got from the bell ringer. She was in such a good mood and so pleasant and happy that I wish it had been $20.00 that I put in there.

And if you are planning on buying gifts from the malls and big stores for the holidays, the news guy says to go ahead and buy now. The stores are already running huge sales because they know it's going to be a bad one this year, so prices are as low as they're going to get! The news guy also said that we'll probably see a bunch more retailers going bankrupt after the holidays. Which in turn will cause more job losses.

Keith went down to Oxnard yesterday to visit with his daughter, so I got the bed all to myself last night. Well, almost all to myself. I left the door to the bedroom open so the cats could come in, but was woken up at 3 am (again) by Buddy chewing on my toes. Okay, Buddy, I know you're somewhat nocturnal, but I'M NOT so quit chewing on my toes! I know you want to play, but I DON'T! GO AWAY!


Jennifer said...

Kmart is open on Thanksgiving also. They usually have a good sale that day. But the day after Thanksgiving is the best day to shop!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Everything here will be open Thanksgiving.

Meekiyu said...

cute cat... lolol... poor toes... i didn't know the stores would be open Thanksgiving... life does go round and round... soon rather then later hopefully the economy will go up... and yeah on the not cooking for Thanksgiving! =D

Daffernia said...

WalMart is one of my favorite for online shopping.