Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's One Thing That Bakersfield Does Right!

Veteran's Day.

For many Americans, it's just another day for sales at their favorite store, or if they work for a bank or the government, another paid holiday.

For Bakersfield, it's a day for a parade.

I kind of wanted to go to this parade but didn't have the car to go downtown, but I'm going to go next year for sure. I get very sentimental about stuff like this so I'll go watch next year's parade and probably have a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

Over one hundred entries were in this year's parade.

I had to borrow this picture from the local paper's website.

From the stories in the paper and the local TV news, people lined the streets downtown to see this parade. Yep, next year I'm going for sure.

There was a story on NBC's nightly news about the Highway of Heroes in Canada that also left me with tears in my eyes:

WHITBY, Ontario - More than 200 people line an overpass above a stretch of Canada's busiest thoroughfare now known as the "Highway of Heroes" to pay final tribute to three soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Veterans, families and firefighters respectfully applaud and wave maple leaf flags as the motorcade passes. The soldiers' families wave back in appreciation.

The ritual is repeated every time a fallen soldier returns to Canada.

On Saturday night, as three bodies moved down the 100-mile-long section of Highway 401 that connects the military base in Trenton, Ontario, to the morgue in Toronto, dozens of bridges along the way were packed with people.

You can read the entire story and see video if you go to and search for highway of heroes.


Jennifer said...

Wow!! I think every town should do something special for Veteran's Day.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Those kind of parades always make me teary eyed too. I guess we are all just a bunch of crybabies...