Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The weather has finally broken here. I woke up yesterday morning and went outside to an actual coolness in the air. The weatherman said we could finally open our windows at night instead of having the air conditioner on, but it was still kind of hot in here, and this morning the dog behind us is barking away so I don't know about having the window open after all. That dog hasn't been doing too much barking lately because it was just too hot, but apparently he is enjoying the cooler morning too.

We've been watching the Olympics here and there, not that we are really into sports that much, but since it only happens once every four years, you kind of feel like you should pay attention. We were watching the womens marathon and wondering why people would even want to run for over two hours in the first place. At least with the 100 meter runs or whatever lengths they are, it's over with in just a few seconds, not two and a half hours. The marathon runners did NOT look like they were having fun, and then the woman who won still had to run around the stadium. I'm sure she got an extra burst of adrenaline at winning, but good lord, you'd think all she'd want to do is sit down, not run around the stadium some more.

Since about all they've shown on the Olympics in the evenings has been swimming, running, and gymnastics, that's what I've watched. The poor girl last night who was a sure thing to win the hurdles and then tripped over one and there went her gold. When they showed it in slow motion, it was pretty easy to read her lips: OH F**K!!!.

Then there was the little Chinese gymnast who messed up on whatever it was she was doing and was just crying her little eyes out...awwww.

We were watching one of our local TV channels the other day, the one that plays all the commercials for local businesses, most of which are really low budget and show it, when a commercial came on for Liberty Bail Bonds. They even have a PLAY AREA FOR THE KIDS at Liberty Bail Bonds! How handy!!

We went down to BJ's last night for dinner since neither one of us felt like cooking (what else is new?) and there were some young couples and a baby having dinner. Apparently it was the baby's first birthday since he was wearing a first birthday crown. He was tired of being there and was getting cranky and didn't want to eat his pizzookie. And then when the baby's parents were trying to pay for dinner, not one, but two of their credit cards were declined. Then all of them had to start digging in their wallets for some real money. How embarrassing! Not a memory I'd want to have of baby's first birthday-sorry, honey, we're way over extended and can't even cover dinner with our credit cards!

For those 'not in the know' a pizzookie is a wonderful concoction of a warm cookie-your choice of flavors-with ice cream and chocolate syrup on top. A pizza cookie-how clever and delicious!

Oh, and Keith did get all of the gravel to the back yard last weekend. He made like a little gravel corral out there and rounded it all up.

This is what he's doing with all of the gravel. He's been building planter boxes and then putting these pavers in between. The little square is for a future plant. And the black thing behind the broken fence post is:

Our friend, the barking dog Cujo. I don't know what his real name is but we call him Cujo. This poor dog is stuck in the back yard all day with a very uninvolved owner. He gets really bored and barks. A lot.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

What is that sign on your fence for? The one that says "Lufkin". I think you should put one up above the hole in the fence that says "Cujo".

Broken China Treasures said...

I was wondering about the sign too, are you sure the dog's name isn't Lufkin??? Hey, I know, why don't you just take a few fence slats out and invite Lufkin/Cujo over to your yard? Maybe at least he would quit barking......just a thought.

Can't wait to see the finished backyard - I love watching home improvement projects in the making -- as long as it's not me doing the improvements!

geelizzie said...

Keith has his collection of oilfield signs on the back fence-lufkin is some sort of oil company or parts company I think.