Thursday, August 21, 2008

From The Streets of Bakersfield

Here's a bizarre story that was in the news last night:

Some Bakersfield residents were cleaning out a storage locker on Tuesday and had brought a bunch of containers home and saw a decomposed hand while going through a trash can that didn't belong to them. Apparently they share the space with other people and why they brought the trash can home that doesn't belong to them I don't know. So, homicide detectives went through the rest of the trash can and found an entire decomposed body attached to the hand.

And, then they find a whole other decomposed body in another trash can at the storage facility. The news story doesn't say if the second body was in the same storage locker as the first, and they are trying to determine how many people have access to the storage locker. The two bodies have been decomposing for several years.

Quoted from the story in the newspaper: The Sheriff's Commander doesn't believe that there was a serial killer at work or anything else to cause alarm.

Here's my theory.

It costs a lot to bury your dead up here in Bakersfield and almost every weekend there is a car wash or two or three somewhere in town trying to earn money to put on a funeral for a loved one. I'm thinking that they didn't earn quite enough money at the car wash to bury Grandma and Grandpa so they just stuffed them in trash cans and stored them away. And then just kinda forgot about them.

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