Sunday, August 3, 2008


Invaded Bakersfield yesterday.

We went across town last night to go have dinner at Mimi's Cafe which is conveniently located next to Barnes and Noble-makes for a nice dinner out when you can stop in at the bookstore after your meal. Well, the line at Mimi's was out the door with all kinds of well dressed churchy looking people waiting for a table, all wearing some sort of name tags. I didn't want to stare directly at people's chests trying to figure out what the name tags said, so I used my peripheral vision to try and make them out, and it was something about Church and Jesus. I guess there was a Christian convention going on somewhere nearby.

We didn't want to wait for a table at Mimi's, being the impatient people that we are, so we walked over to Marie Callenders which is conveniently located on the other side of Barnes and Noble, and it was the same thing-well dressed Christians waiting for a table. We didn't want to wait there either.

So, we went into Barnes and Noble for a few minutes, then down the street to El Torito, where the Christian invasion hadn't happened yet, and were able to get a table. As we ate, Christians began to fill up the nearby tables.

Seated nearby was a very large very well endowed young woman in a spaghetti strap dress with a Superman tattoo on her left breast-something about her told me that she was not with the rest of the Christians.

Dinner tasted funny to me and so did the iced tea-I think it was mango iced tea or something, and I prefer my iced tea to be just plain iced tea. I think El Torito is trying to be more continental or upscale because they are just getting a little too fancy with their food and sorry, it just all tasted odd. Even the fried ice cream had chipotle chocolate sauce on it-which tasted funny. Don't mess with chocolate sauce, it's fine just as it is!

And now, Keith has just left for his trip to Salt Lake, so I'm home alone until Wednesday night. Feels strange to be here by myself. He almost took a cat or two with him, they were trying to stow away in his luggage.

I wanna go too, Dad!!

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