Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lost In The Bowels of Home Depot

So, on Saturday Keith went to get blinds for our naked windows at Home Depot-see previous post about our windows having been naked for the last six months.

He asked me if I wanted to go with him, and having made previous pilgrimages to Home Depot aka the Altar of All Things For Men with him I politely declined with an emphatic HELL NO!
I told him to just buy the basic everyday vertical blinds and I'd be happy with those-nothing fancy, just basic everyday vertical blinds.

This is what he came home with TWO HOURS later:

It's hard to see what these look like with the light shining through them, but they are brown roll up blinds that filter the light but obviously you can still SEE through them, so people can probably still see IN FROM OUTSIDE WHEN HE IS WALKING AROUND WITH HIS JUNK HANGING OUT. But, I digress.
These are not basic everyday vertical blinds. And when you want to go out the slider to put the trash out, you have to roll up the blinds and then kind of duck under them to get out the door.

He spent those two hours at The Altar of All Things for Men going through every blind catalog they had looking for the perfect blinds, finally choosing some, only to find out that they were SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! He knew I would kill him if he came home with SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLAR blinds, so he wisely decided to wait and get my opinion first. He was at Home Depot for so long that the sales person went on their lunch break and came back to find him still there.

So, he bought these $30.00 interim blinds until we can afford the SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLAR blinds. HAHAHAHAHAHA

We are living in an unfinished house with a $40.00 yard sale loveseat and chair, and you think that I would ever in a million years spend SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS on blinds because they, and I quote-'look nice and I want our blinds to look nice'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-keep dreaming!


Mooney ♥ said...

Gahhh!! But he tried...

I think it's sweet that he really put some thought into it... but SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! Nope, I wouldn't sign up for that either. I'll take a dishwasher, please.


Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

Those stores are torture to me...