Monday, June 30, 2008

Fireworks and Rednecks

Wildfires are raging in Northern California and all of the smoke from the fires has filled up our central valley with horribly polluted air. We are being advised to 'limit your outdoor activities-the air is unhealthful for EVERYONE.' Usually the smog alerts will say unhealthful for the very young, elderly, and those with lung problems. Not this time, everyone should stay inside these days.
Keith works outside and has been coming home with sore throats and coughing from being outside in this crap all day. ( I've been nagging him to wear a respirator.)

With the 4th of July coming up, our Governor Arnold has asked that cities not sell fireworks this year and cancel the fireworks shows that are planned in an effort to not add any more smoke to the already existing pollution.

Do you think the rednecks in central California will go along with what Arnold is asking and cancel those fireworks sales and shows? HELL, no!! It's the 4th of July, and we have a right to bear arms in the form of fireworks, and damn those who may be coughing up blood by the end of the night from the low lying fireworks smoke so thick that you could literally cut it with a knife!
It's America! We have a right to our fireworks!! Who cares that our skies are brown, not blue!!!

So, anyway, we are planning a very low key 4th-we're not buying any fireworks or going to any shows or barbecuing or much of anything. We have spent the last 5 or 6 Independence Days doing the Ventura Street Fair, but after such dismal sales at the last one, no more street fairs for us. It will be strange being at home for the 4th-and having to stay inside because the air is unbreathable and the temps are in the 100's.


Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

I hate non-professional fireworks... They shouldn't sell them anywhere. I never understood why Fillmore allows the sale of them. Dry brush everywhere - stupid...
Sorry you won't be at the Street Fair - that would probably be the only way I could see you this trip, but we may be heading South on Friday anyway... time to get back to the boat and watch the tropical weather.

The Clobes Crew said...

The fireworks are a small contribution to the air quality compared to the thousands and thousands of cars and trucks that drive down the 99 and 5 freeways every day.

We'll still be setting ours off!