Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting Off My Lazy Ass

Seriously, something about the air in this town-the pollution maybe?-turns you into an incredibly lazy person who just wants to sit in front of the TV and watch Oprah or Montel.
I'm incredibly out of shape but getting myself up to do anything physical is just a huge struggle.

But, last night, we actually got our lazy asses onto our bikes and went for a ride around the neighborhood. It was still hot outside, but only about 95 instead of 195, so it actually felt good to get outside and do something.

I like bike riding because:
A-you create your own breeze as you are riding, and B-you get to SIT DOWN!

It was a very leisurely slow paced ride-we are incredibly out of shape after all-but hey, it counts, right?

We live in what is known as the lah-di-dah 'Riverlakes' neighborhood, complete with homeowners association fees, a golf course up the road and an actual man made lake that we've seen once or twice. Our fees buy us a key to the pool that we've never used, a rent a cop that drives by once in a while, and occasional nasty fix it letters if you don't mow your grass often enough.

We are in the ghetto part of this neighborhood-if there were railroad tracks we would be on the wrong side of them. Our street looks pretty good, most of the houses are owner occupied and everyone tries to keep things looking nice, but we always have the stray shopping cart on the street or graffiti on the mailboxes, and if you go over one street there are definite signs of ghettoness. Brown weedy lawns, a huge swingset in the front yard, Christmas lights that never get taken down, assorted junk on the side of the house, and maybe a broken down car or two in the driveway. I think these streets have seceded from the union of homeowners.

I do feel a little better this morning, so maybe we'll get ourselves back on the bikes again tonight.

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Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

The heat makes you lazy...
We know!
It's 91 degrees inside the boat and it's not even noon.
Guess I'll post comments instead of vacuum...