Friday, July 18, 2008


Is it about the same price for the two of us to go out to eat or fix something at home? I really don't like to cook anymore, it's boring and makes a big mess that you have to clean up, and I really don't like to shop for the food to cook with anymore, its boring and makes a big mess that you have to clean up when you bring all those grocery bags in.

So, yesterday I went to Vons for the ingredients for southwestern chicken salad, and yes, I know it would be cheaper if I cooked my own chicken and shredded my own cheese, and chopped up my own lettuce, and cooked my own beans from dried, and grew my own corn-BUT I don't WANT to!

So, by the time I bought packaged southwestern chicken strips, canned corn and black beans, shredded cheese, bagged salad, grape tomatoes, tortilla chips, some coffee creamer and a People magazine-my weekly addiction-it came out to $35.00.

And, instead of fixing the salad for last night's dinner, we went down the road to Spencers Restaurant and each had a big salad, Keith had 2 beers, I had iced tea, and Keith also had an appetizer of a cheese quesadilla, and it came to-you guessed it-$35.00. (plus a $5.00 tip)

So, for about the same price and no work, you get dinner for two complete with a free homemade cookie for dessert (or ice cream), and since this is a locally owned restaurant we are helping the local economy by patronizing them.
See, I can justify eating out EVERY DAY NOW!!

Tonight we will have the southwestern chicken salad, though. Even though I will not enjoy fixing it or cleaning up after it.

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