Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Part of Do Not Call do you Not Understand?

Okay, we rarely get phone calls and when the phone rings after say 8 pm, my first thought is death or destruction, so...

Scene: the kitchen, 8:45 pm last night.
'ring ring' 'ring ring'
'hello, Elizabeth blah blah- last name not repeated to protect the privacy of the individual'
'This is so and so from the Police blah blah children's blah blah group'-(obviously a solicitor)
'yes, can you please take this number off of your calling list?' note that I politely said please.
'oh, but we are not soliciting blah blah blah'
'oh, then why are you calling? can you please take this number off of your calling list?' again, very politely saying please.
'well, we don't buy or sell calling lists, we use the phone book, blah blah blah.'
'okay, well then can you please PUT me on your do not call list?' again, please and I'm not getting angry quite yet.
'well, can I ask you why this seems to disturb you so much?'
okay, now I'm angry! 'YES BECAUSE IT IS QUARTER TO NINE AND YOU WOKE UP MY HUSBAND WHO HAS TO GET UP AT 4:30 AM TO GO TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Keith comes stumbling out of the bedroom where he was indeed sleeping, also thinking death or destruction when the phone rings and wakes him up out of a sound sleep. Some poor phone solicitor's death or destruction.

Okay, kitty destruction and mischief photo of the day-we don't have toddlers and I know I didn't do this:
Although I do remember Jennifer as a toddler running gleefully out of the bathroom holding the end of the toilet paper while the roll unfurled behind her throughout the whole house.

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