Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Amazing Unfinished House Tour Part Three

The Living Room.

Is almost finished but work has come to a standstill. Keith likes to start multiple projects, get distracted, and start more multiple projects. Oh well, at least it keeps him out of the strip clubs. Ha ha.

So, the living room got painted six months ago. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? Notice the coordinating cat condo in the corner. We have two condos and Keith was talking about getting one more. No!
Here's the view of the other corner of our very tiny 'great room'. Can you guess what's wrong with this picture?
You got it-we have no blinds for the big huge sliding glass door. It's summertime now and the sun beats in through that sliding glass door all day long. We are running our air conditioner all day long too.
So, today's job for Keith is to go to Home Depot and get some blinds for that sliding glass door so that I don't have apoplexy when I open the electric bill this month.
See the nice beams on the ceiling? Keith built those to cover up huge cracks in the ceiling-works great, doesn't it? No patch jobs for him!
This is the entryway of the living room. It used to be just a plain entryway, but Keith decided to build the arch thing and is going to paint it to match the arch thing over the kitchen divider/breakfast counter that he made. I am also waiting on the shelf unit to be finished. Both of these will be painted the dark brown like the beams.
Some day....

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Fidget said...

hahaha! it's like ,y house 364 started and yet NOT finished projects.