Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Muwahahaha!! I Won!

Yesterday I put in a bid on a bunch of vintage childrens books on ebay and then kind of forgot about it. I just happened to check my email a few minutes ago and had been outbid with 13 seconds to go on the auction. So, I bid again with 9 seconds to spare and won! This is the first time I've been in a 'bidding war' on ebay and I went in with both barrels blasting!
This is what I got, for 30.00 and some change: 25 vintage childrens books to cut up and collage with.
Can't wait to get these, I just love all the cute little illustrations in these old books, today's kids books just don't have that same cuteness quality. I especially like the ones where the little animals are all dressed up in little clothes.


Molly Moo Vintage said...

I love bidding wars, but i usually get all flustered within the last few seconds and lose out to the other person! Thats a great bundle you got there. :)

Lotta said...

What a haul!!