Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kind of Boring Sunday

It's another kind of blah Sunday around here. Neither of us really feels like doing much, we went and got some breakfast and made a stop at Trader Joes for a few things, but haven't gotten much else done today. Keith did get his nap in already though.
I'm just listing some new supplies and am going to take a few pictures of necklaces later. The bathroom needs cleaning like usual but I just can't seem to get up the energy to clean it-maybe tomorrow. The cats are all napping, which looks really tempting.
Here are some kitty pictures. Buddy was on the breakfast bar this morning and I could see that he was thinking about jumping up onto the shelf of the room divider, then of course the girls saw him up there and Lucy took the jump up to the forbidden zone, too. Mimi thinks she will wait until she's just a little bigger before making the attempt.
As you can see, the shelf that is going to go along the top of the wall is still not finished. I'm going to start a blog series on the amazing unfinished house, so stay tuned!


Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...
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Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

I have an amazing unfinished boat! Sort of like the shoemaker's daughter... my floor was installed a few years ago, but never finished? Boring Sunday down here in La Paz too - big excitement was grocery shopping and going to the ATM. Yeehaw!

P.S. I like that room divider - way cool!!!

P.P.S. Had a lame typo in the first comment, so feel free to delete it...