Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm Wearing the Pants in This House

I'm wearing Keith's pants today. He bought some 'relaxed fit' pants that he says make him feel like he is wearing old man pants with the saggy butt and the pants pulled up under his armpits. He was going to toss them but rather than throw them away I said maybe I can wear them. They are very relaxed, i.e. really baggy, everywhere except around the waist, where the snap is currently digging into my belly. Of course if my belly weren't so round, they probably wouldn't be digging into it.
So, since we are both rather rotund these days I have suggested that we start walking or biking in the evenings, which he isn't too enthusiastic about but will maybe go with me. We need to get some walking shoes, though, crocs are great for comfort but they're just not made for a workout. Excuses, excuses.
Of course, it's probably healthier to sit in a dark bar and smoke a pack of cigarettes than to walk around in this city, not only are we in the top five for pollution-see previous post-but you've got a better chance of surviving a bar fight than trying to cross the street here with the way people drive.

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