Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poor Little Harry aka Little Bit

I never write about our sweet little black kitty, Harrison, and no, we didn't name her that, Keith's daughter Kelly picked out that name. I have always called her Little Bit because she was so little when we got her. She is our second kitty and is now going on three years old, I think. A few years back we noticed a litter of kittens in the back yard behind us and thought the mama cat belonged to the young guy that lived there. His backyard was kind of a wasteland like ours, but it wasn't just dirt like ours, grass actually grew back there. There was an unused lawnmower that had been sitting there in the tall grass for a few months and the mama kitty had hidden her babies under the lawnmower. We heard a kitten crying in distress one day so Keith jumped the fence and found that one of the kittens had fallen into the grasscatcher on the lawnmower that had filled up with rainwater. The poor kitten was crying away for mama cat to come and rescue it and was about ready to drown. We finally asked the guy that lived there if those were his cats, which of course he said no, so Kelly and the girl that lived next door decided to rescue three of the kittens. They carried them around and fed them kitten formula and Kelly wanted to keep Harrison. We were able to give away the other two rescued babies and so Harrison became the first of our rescue kitties. She was so cute when she was little, all black with a white streak on her nose and white paws and chest. I started calling her Little Bit because it just kind of fit her. Pepper was somewhat tolerant of this little intruder and would just whack her on the head if she got too annoying.
Little Bit is a very independent kitty, very sweet and quiet and hardly ever asks for attention, so she kind of gets ignored most of the time especially with five other cats in the house. I try to give her little pats and a little attention during the day but she is so timid that sometimes she'll run away or just hide out all day. She rarely meows and always surprises me when I hear any noise coming out of her. She won't go through the kitty door to the garage but will stand there looking at it until you come along and let her in or out. She has a shelf in the garage that has become her spot to go hide in the quiet and dark of the garage. She will play with the other cats every once in a while, and Buddy loves to get her going and chase her around the house. We call her vampire kitty too because she has a kitty overbite and her front fangs are always showing. She's just a sweet kitty and is still a little bit, she hasn't gotten chubby like Pepper and Bear.

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Anonymous said...

My last cat was like that... he would run and hide at the site of anything... and when I died, I felt like I had ignored him all his life, but then I had to remember the times of quiet when he'd come ask for a little love, and tell you that he cares... Not to worry hun. If she wanted more, she'd ask for it...

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