Monday, April 7, 2008

Foo Foo Food-Fooey!

I recently ordered a subscription to Country Home magazine and got my first issue with my 'free' bonus-a little cookbook magazine thing. I looked through it and didn't see a thing that I would want to eat, much less buy the ingredients and actually COOK it.


Would you serve these nasty looking little appetizer things at your next cocktail party? Like I would ever even have a cocktail party to begin with much less serve something as unappetizing looking as these.


Smoked Trout Rectangles. mm mm good! icky icky.


I like normal food. If I'm going to have trout, fry it up in a pan, don't make little rectangles out of it. Give me chips and dips for appetizers or some nice little sweet and sour meatballs or those little weinie things in barbecue sauce.

Do real people really eat stuff like this?

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Smoked Trout Rectangles sounds like cat food to me. The wrap sandwich thing looks good though.