Friday, December 21, 2007

I Told You I Was Going to Work on Collages!

And here some are. The first one uses vintage sheet music, the second one is using the vintage dictionary text. I spent quite a few hours putting these together yesterday and getting them ready to solder. I used to make a lot of collages under glass with soldered edges and then kind of got into other things and left them behind for a while. I really like the look and feel of these, they are between two sheets of thicker glass so they have a good weight to them and have fairly heavy chain for the hangers. I used to make these with chains and beads on the bottom, but I think I like a little more simple look now.

Today I worked on soldering these and some of the pendants that I had ready to go. I'm excited about how the new year will treat me on etsy. This time last year my shop was just getting off the ground and January and February seemed to really get the ball rolling. Now that I've made a niche for myself I'm hoping that things will get even bigger and better this year. Last December I hit the 100 items sold mark, and this year I am closing in on 1600 items. The number amazes me until I look at littleputbook's shop and see over 5000 items sold or theblackapple and see over 10000 items sold. That's truly amazing!

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Rhette said...

Your work is beautiful! I LOVE the pendant you show in the picture. I didn't see a link anywhere to purchase what you create. If you have one, will you please share it with me?

Happy holidays to you :)

Kirs ~