Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Good Resting Place

Lucy was investigating the cupboard that I had left open so of course Mr. Buddy had to come see what Lucy was up to.
Buddy and the girls are about 6 months old now and are somewhat like having The Flying Wallendas living in our home. Three little bundles of kitten energy flying, jumping, and rolling around the house. If he were a child, Buddy would be the red haired freckle faced kindergarten bully, wanting to be the center of attention and butting his little nose into everyone's business. At the same time he is the most loving purringest kitty we've ever had. He just loves Keith and the best time of the day is first thing in the morning when we open the bedroom door and three kittens barge their way into the bedroom, jump up on the bed and nuzzle and purr, nuzzle and purr. I guess each night when we shut the bedroom door they think we are gone forever and are just so happy to see that we are still here in the morning.
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