Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Great Escape

We took Buddy in for his neuter this week. Everything went well and now he is home with pain medication and an e collar so he won't lick his sutures. He is not supposed to play, jump, or run for the next ten days and we are supposed to keep him separated from the other kitties. HAHAHAHAHA!
We kept him in our bedroom the first night which was a huge mistake unless you like having a kitten in an e collar jumping on the bed, biting your toes, and trying to nuzzle your face while wearing said e collar all night. About 4am I was awakened by an e collarless kitten purring and nuzzling, purring and nuzzling, purring and nuzzling. What the heck?
After I finally woke up a few hours later after repeated jumping, biting, and nuzzling, I found the e collar on the floor minus Buddy. I'd still like to know how he managed to get that thing off.

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