Thursday, July 14, 2016

Knocking At The Door

Last night Keith left for work a little after midnight and after he was gone Millie and I went to bed. I was soundly sleeping until about 3am when Millie started barking. I patted her and told her everything was okay but then I heard the screen door bang and now I'm awake because it sounds like someone is breaking into my house! I looked out the window and didn't see anything so then cautiously went to peek out the front door window. Where I didn't see anything. I was going to head back to bed when the screen door banged again and I heard a meow.

It was Buddy, who had run out the front door hours before and we had completely forgotten about. He knows how to hook the screen with his claw and make it bang when he gets stuck out front so that is what he was doing that woke Millie up. None of our cats are climbers, which is a good thing because they stay in the back yard, but at 3am you kind of wish your cat knew how to climb over the fence and come in through the doggy door instead of banging on the screen!

I felt kind of bad that we forgot about him but I'm so used to cats sleeping in corners or being out in the  yard that I don't do a head count before going to bed.

It's still hot here, what else is new. It will be hot here for a couple more months to come and you'd think I'd be used to it by now but NO, I don't  think I will ever get used to it!

I've had a pretty busy week Etsy shop wise with quite a few small orders and two big ones. It seems like every time I start to lose interest in the shop and don't really feel like making things for it someone comes along and makes it all worth while with some extra cash coming my way. I've been wanting to add some crocheted coasters to the shop but am still experimenting with different yarns and figuring out the best size hooks to go with the  yarns that I don't have enough 'good' coasters to get posted just yet. I have found some really nice cotton yarns, some fine and some heavier so am trying to decide which brand I like best. Daughter Jennifer told me about the "I Love This Yarn' brand that Hobby Lobby carries so I finally made it over there, which is difficult sometimes since it's a bit of a drive, and I was amazed at how soft it is and how many colors it comes in. They have it all arranged by color group too so it's easy to mix and match. They have a cotton yarn in that brand that is so soft and comes in some really beautiful colors. I'm getting a little obsessed with buying yarn, though!


DancingMooney said...

You know I am interested if you ever add fabric coasters back to your shop, but there must have been a reason you stopped making them... I love the ones I have.

I'm so glad you didn't have a break in, that would have been so scary!!!


Elizabeth said...

I decided I really don't like sewing all that much anymore so no more fabric coasters. I am enjoying the crocheting though.

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