Friday, May 6, 2016

Thunder! and Some Actual Cooking

We don't usually get much in the way of thunderstorms here in Central CA, we don't usually get much in the way of storms period but this spring we've had 3 or 4 of them. Must be El Nino messing about with us.

We had one a few weeks ago where we were sitting watching TV in the evening and all of a sudden Keith jumps up and runs outside. I had no idea what made him jump up and run outside until I went outside too and off in the distance we could see lightning. We watched from the front yard for a while and then it started sprinkling so we went out back and under the little part of the patio that has a cover. Then BOOM! it started absolutely pouring buckets and then it started hailing all while we are huddled under the small roof with no way to get back inside without getting hit by hail. Serves us right for being outside during a thunderstorm.

Last night we had another one, not quite as exciting but the thunder made Millie bark and then since it wouldn't go away when she ferociously barked at it she figured she'd better hide under the bed.
On another note, as everyone probably already knows I really don't like to cook but we have to eat and certainly can't afford to go out every night, so...even though I was home alone last night I actually managed to cook myself a decent meal for once. When it's just me home I tend to eat whatever I can find, which usually isn't much. Dinner is sometimes yogurt and a protein shake or some soy protein cereal. I'm not supposed to eat cereal but did find some lower carb cereals, the Special K protein cereal being one of them. The Special K actually tastes good, too, but you have to look at the portion size, you can't fill that bowl to the top or way too many carbs. It's filling, too, because of the protein, not like regular cereals that leave you hungry in an hour and spike your blood sugar.

I got some fresh zucchini and a red bell pepper and thawed out a chicken breast to marinade. I just put the chicken in a pan with a little olive oil and cooked it for about 9 minutes per side, then sliced the zucchini and pepper and sauteed it in a little butter along with some thawed frozen corn. I added some dried basil and a little salt and pepper while the vegetables were cooking and instead of cooking them until they were soggy, cooked them on a little higher heat so that they crisped up a bit. They looked appetizing, which has been a big issue for quite a while with me and my digestive issues, no appetite, and they tasted really good. I've had a hard time eating chicken lately too what with the lack of appetite but it tasted good too, and healthy.
This may be my go to meal in the future.


Linda said...

That does look good, and we like all the things that are on the plate, so I might have to try making that. One question, did you cut up the chicken before cooking and was it a thin cut breast (lately, the breasts we have been getting have been quite large and thick, and I know they wouldn't cook in 18 minutes total!)

Elizabeth said...

I put the breast between waxed paper and pounded it to make it thinner so it would cook faster.

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Boss Kareem said...
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