Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Earthquake!!! And Going to Urgent Care

I didn't go to Urgent Care because of the earthquake but rather because my Barstow Crud was not getting better and I am really tired of coughing so much that my sides hurt and not being able to swallow because my throat is so sore. I couldn't even handle ice cream.

I got some meds to get rid of the sore throat but the doctor said my lungs sounded clear so who knows where the coughing is coming from. He did prescribe an inhaler to help with that though.

No, the earthquake happened a few hours after getting back from the doctor, Keith had left to go to work and I was in the recliner while Millie was laying on the ottoman by the couch and we heard a big BANG! so of course there was a big BARK! from Millie and then it felt like someone bumped into the recliner and the sliding screen door rattled a bit and then as I'm thinking 'are we having an earthquake and should I go get in a doorway' it was all over with. Maybe 2-3 seconds long if that. What is odd is that I had been thinking about earthquakes the other day and how we hadn't had one in a long time, and certainly not one since we've been living up here.

It really wasn't all that exciting but I'm glad of that because who wants a natural disaster anyway?
It was centered between Shafter and Wasco, two little towns up the road from us, probably about 20 miles away or so.
Couldn't resist posting this from the 23 news facebook page.

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DancingMooney said...

Ha! I love that We Will Rebuild picture, that's hilarious! Glad the earthquake wasn't damaging, and everyone is okay! Gosh woman, hope you start feeling better soon too!! xoxo