Monday, February 29, 2016

California Wildflowers

Okay, I can see now why people are parking alongside Hwy 58 to look at the flowers on the hills, it is rather spectacular. We found time this morning to take a drive along Caliente/Bodfish road in the foothills alongside Hwy 58 and yes, the views are gorgeous. The road is a narrow two lane road between the hills and it is SO quiet out there. I think we passed maybe 2 cars during our little outing. There are not a lot of places to pull off the road but we did find a few spots to get some pictures. We saw lots of happy cows enjoying the green hills. I don't know if they eat the flowers too, but if they do they had lots of them to choose from.

We only saw a few of the purple flowers, most of the hills were covered in orange flowers which at first we thought must be poppies but then realized they were too small to be poppies. After some research back home on the computer I think these are fiddleheads.

We finally found a few lupines at the top of a hill along with some other little purple flowers.

 This is the view from the top of the hill over one of the tunnels that Keith goes through on each trip, there is a dirt road that goes to the top for maintenance purposes or whatever. The other day he was coming home through that tunnel and happened to see a couple of people on top of the hill over the tunnel waving at his train. He did a double take when he realized that the people didn't have any clothes on. True story. Naturists I guess.

You can see the railroad tracks down below.

We finally did find some poppies.

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