Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back to the Austerity Budget


Okay, so far so good. Keith did indeed get cut from the board that he was working on but fortunately was able to go onto the extra board that they call for yard jobs if someone is sick or lays off or goes on vacation or whatever. There are only a few spots on that board so if they do any more layoffs someone with more seniority will certainly bump him off. Joe came over and helped him navigate the system, he had to look and see if there were any openings in Barstow or Needles that he could bump onto, which there weren't and which was just as well because he didn't really want to have to go live out of a motel in Barstow or Needles. Some railroad guys have to go to other states to find work, living out of their cars or motels if they can afford it, or if you can't do that you go onto the furlough board which is no pay and no benefits. He had to bump one of his friends off of the yard job extra board which he hated having to do, but when the boards get cut, the claws and fangs come out and it's every man for himself. As Joe said, seniority sucks until you get some and then it's great. I asked him if he was in any danger with job cuts, but he has built up his seniority enough to where it would take a national disaster before he would be cut off.

The yard jobs don't pay as much as the road jobs but at least you get to sleep at home and as long as he can stay on the board he should make enough money to keep the bills paid. You only get called when necessary, though, so you could go days and days before getting a call. We got used to having that extra income these past few years so having to go back to the old don't buy it unless it's absolutely necessary thing will be tough but that's the way we used to live all the time, least this time we have Netflix so if we are really bored because we can't afford to leave the house we've got some good TV to watch.

I did shut down my Etsy shop for a bit to do some rethinking about that and to not have to spend any money on it at the moment. I make a lot of sales there but I really don't make any money at it, it basically just pays for itself with a very tiny bit left over as far as any profits go. I've pretty much decided that I need to raise my prices to where I do make some money at it but who knows if people will pay the higher prices. I'm giving myself a few more days to think about it all and then possibly re-open the shop with those higher prices.

Millie has been a bit lethargic lately, I am assuming the meds she is taking make her a bit sleepy. I had to get the pill pocket treats and then open up the capsules of antibiotics and sprinkle the powder into the treats to get her to take her medicine. No way could I get a huge capsule down her throat without causing her trauma and I don't know why they don't give little dogs a liquid form in maybe chicken flavor like they give little kids bubble gum flavored.

I have watched quite a bit of TV lately, it's cold outside and sitting on the couch with a blankie and a remote is about all I feel like doing some days. I just finished watching Last Tango in Halifax, a British show that I really enjoyed and also watched Marco Polo which I wasn't sure if I would like but found quite entertaining. I don't usually like historical dramas all that much but this one had enough intrigue and bloodletting to keep me wanting to see what was going to happen.

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