Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Small Business Saturday and a Fun Parlor Game

We actually got a Thanksgiving dinner this year, Keith's brother Bruce invites us down to his house every year and for the past 2-3 years we have not been able to go due to Keith working on the holidays. This year he asked us early enough in the month to where Keith's vacation days request was approved which shocked the heck out of us because the norm is that only guys with high seniority ever get a holiday off.

So, we were able to go this year and had a really nice time despite the fact that we got a late start because Keith was putting in a new faucet in the morning and I was trying to cook some butternut squash to bring and he had to put the faucet in so I'd have some water to cook with. It all worked out and we were only an hour behind and spent a nice day visiting with his brother and their family and Katie and her new boyfriend. We played a silly trivia/charades type game after dinner and before dessert that at first had my eyes rolling but turned out to be a lot of fun. First you write down a bunch of famous people's names on pieces of paper, then put all the papers in a bag. One person from a team starts out pulling papers out of the bag and giving hints as to who it is, with a 10 second time limit. If you yourself don't know who it is and have to pass you lose one point. You do as many names as you can, winning and losing points depending on if your teammates guess correctly or not, then the bag passes on to the next team. After all the papers are used up and all the guesses made correctly, you start over again but this time you can only give a one word clue. Since the idea is that we've all heard the hints and correct guesses, one word is enough to guess again. Then on the third time around, you have to act out the clue and this is where my eyes rolled because I'm just not a charades type person, but I went first in acting the clues out and my teammates actually guessed correctly and the whole thing turned out to be a lot of fun and our team even won! So if you are ever in need of a game to play there you go. However there was a bit of a generation gap with us old people not knowing who the young people wrote down for names and vice versa. So, make sure your team has both old and some young people on it if you ever play.

We got back into town not too late that evening, with Millie thinking that she had been abandoned forever and SO HAPPY to see us! Work has been slow for Keith so he didn't go out until late Friday night and that ended up being a go to Barstow and bring this train back to Bakersfield trip so he was home by the time I woke up on Saturday. He slept for a while and then got up in the late morning and I had seen that it was Small Business Saturday so suggested we go downtown and wander around a few antique stores.

We used to do a lot of antique shopping but the past few years have kind of lost a bit of interest in it, not having that much room for more knick knacks and our tastes changing in what kind of junk we want around the house, so we hadn't been to any of the stores for quite a while.

I really didn't find much that I wanted or thought was affordable enough, but did find two sets of funky salt and pepper shakers and Keith found a bunch of books, then since we were downtown stopped at The Rice Bowl for dinner since we were both very hungry and I certainly didn't feel like cooking something. Not that I ever feel like cooking something.

Here are my salt and peppers, these funny whales and silly elephants.

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