Friday, December 25, 2015

Ho Ho Ho and Peeling Eggs

So, Happy Christmas to everyone, hope you are all having a good day! Mine is rather dull as Keith got home yesterday only to turn around and go back out at 2am today since everyone else laid off for the holiday. He will be spending his Christmas day sleeping in a motel room in Barstow while I am at home by myself. It's not that big of a deal since we didn't really have any plans for the day anyway which is usually how our Christmases go.

We do our family thing in Ventura before Christmas so for us the actual day is kind of an afterthought and basically just another day. We did have a nice day at Linda's house and I won two Bingo prizes this year, yay! We don't exchange gifts but do a white elephant type of thing so everyone goes home with something even if it's something silly.

I wasn't sure if I'd be feeling well enough for the 2 hour trip to Ventura but with a dose of Immodium before leaving I was fine. I'm still not right and will probably go back to the doctor next week, I've called them for the results of the lab tests but nobody ever called me back which kind of annoys me especially since they said I could just call them. I really would like to know what the problem is since I'm still having it only not quite as bad.

I wanted to bring some deviled eggs and sweet potatoes down to the family party but sent Jennifer some money to do the cooking for me, which I really appreciated her doing and actually her eggs are much better than mine, and probably the sweet potatoes too! We were discussing peeling hard boiled eggs (such scintillating dinner conversation!) and which is the best way to peel them to avoid messy eggs and lots of cuss words. Someone said to peel them just after they cool off, don't refrigerate first, and I tried it this morning and it works! So, cook your eggs, cool, then peel and you won't be tempted to throw them against the wall while cussing like a sailor.

With the end of the year coming up I've been thinking about the old New Year's resolutions and all that crap, but I really do want to eat better this year and also save some money. I didn't spend as much this year on gifts or other things like that, but Keith went a little nuts and threw money around like confetti. He went shopping over the Black Friday weekend and bought all kinds of tools and I don't know what all during all the sales. More stuff to put in the garage that he doesn't have time to do anything with, but he worked hard all year and usually doesn't spend much on himself, so...he certainly did this year!

We waste a lot of money on food that doesn't get eaten, I used to always make a meal plan and try to use everything up but with his odd hours and my not liking to cook much, this year we have not eaten a very good diet and ended up buying a lot of things that later ended up in the trash. Meal plans, here we come again and I've already started one for the next week. I do like to eat out, but that can cost quite a bit so we need to limit that to once a week or so.

So, this year is all about getting money into our savings account and not into the trash can by throwing away food!


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DancingMooney said...

We throw a lot of food away too and it drives me crazy... and, we eat out a lot more than we should. I'd like to learn more about freezer meal cooking.

Try some white rice for a few days... hubby and I both have stomach issues, they can be a pain. Hopefully it's just a virus and will go away soon. Been having some weird/mild dizzy spells for the last two months myself, and think it might be vitamin B deficiency, based on the symptoms. Hoping if I just start taking my vitamins, I'll start feeling normal again. Oy! Always something. :)

xo Elizabeth! Best wishes for the new year! :)