Sunday, November 15, 2015

Visuals When You Hear Something On The Radio

The other morning I used the TV to listen to the Bob and Tom radio show. We used to have a radio in the kitchen but it was always full of static so hadn't listened to Bob and Tom in a long time at home, only hearing it on occasion in the car early in the morning. With our new TV we got apps like Netflix (love love love) Amazon and I Heart Radio. I turned on the I Heart Radio app and hey, now we can listen to Bob and Tom once again. They feature a lot of comedians and off beat stories and it's the kind of talk radio that you can listen to while cleaning your house and have a few laughs while doing so.

Anyway, they were talking about neon colored turkeys and Keith turned to me and said 'why would you want to eat purple turkey meat' which is exactly what I was thinking when hearing about dyed turkeys. It's not the meat that is dyed though (duh) but rather the feathers and apparently turkeys dyed in bright colors are quite the attraction at Gozzi's Turkey Farm in Guilford Connecticut. Who would have thought? And who thought to do this in the first place?
More like Easter turkeys.

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