Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Dog In A Sweatshirt

Keith had taken Millie outside late one night and said she got cold and was shivering and maybe she needed a doggy sweater. So, I went online and found a doggy sweatshirt on Amazon that we ordered in a bright orange color to match Keith's bright orange work sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt is really cute, complete with the sweatshirt pocket and hood, but poor Millie didn't know what to think when we put that sweatshirt on her. She absolutely froze and would not move.
I'm just going to stand here until you take this thing off of me.
Maybe I'll sit for a minute. But please take this thing off of me!
Keith did take her for a walk with it on this morning, at first she just plain old would not move but then realized hey, it's a walk! and went on her way. They went over to the field behind Home Depot where the grass was really wet so she came home with a wet sweatshirt but not a wet belly, so purpose served even if she hated wearing it.


DancingMooney said...

Oh my gosh she is such a cute little dog! :)

Linda said...

Millie has a lot more fur than Elbee does, so she probably doesn't get quite as cold as he does. When the temps cooled a few days ago, we started putting his sweaters on in the morning. He hates getting them put on, growls and carries on, but he's happy once they are on. Getting the sweaters off is easier. Just grab the top of the neck collar and he backs right out of it.
We had a coat for Elbee with a hood, and he hated the hood. His ears stand more upwards, and he does not want anything over them unless he's cuddling under a blanket. Millie might not be too shot with the hood, but once she gets used to her sweatshirt, she will like having it on on those cold days.