Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm Hungry! And Don't Try This at Home

I decided to get back to trying to lose some weight after a failed start earlier this summer. Losing weight sounds easy, just eat less calories than you burn and boom! you've lost weight. Well, if it were that easy we wouldn't see so very many large people wherever we go. Like Walmart. Especially Walmart. Seems like you see very few thin people in Walmart and lots who are so overweight they need to ride around on the little carts.

Losing weight is really really hard. Gaining weight is really really easy. 

Anyway, after losing a few pounds earlier this summer (and being extremely hungry while losing those few pounds) I got distracted by ice cream and also discouraged by being so extremely hungry and not seeing the needle on the scale going down so I kind of gave up. Not that I went around stuffing my face at every opportunity but there was that ice cream and a few donuts here and there in between still eating yogurt for breakfast and not a whole lot more for lunch. I think there may have been a few peanut butter cups along the way, too. Actually, I KNOW there were peanut butter cups and not just a few either. Sweets are my downfall. Only certain sweets, though, ice cream being one of them and being very addictive for me, also the donuts and then there is just about any kind of chocolate. I don't care much about other kinds of candy or pie or pastries, but donuts and chocolate? Ice cream? Yes. Oh, and certain cookies too like those chocolate covered marshmallow ones. Yum.

So, another start this week and a few pounds lost already but also a whole lot of hunger pains. And some gas. Well, not just some gas but an absolute abundance of it after drinking one of these 'hunger smart' shakes from Glucerna. Glucerna makes shakes and snack bars for diabetics and while the snack bars and shakes don't keep the hunger pangs away for long, they are sweet and the snack bars come in CHOCOLATE flavors and they taste pretty good and can sort of fool you into thinking you've had a real milk shake or candy bar. Sort of. (Not really).

I've tried the regular Glucerna shakes before but saw this kind that are supposed to help keep you from feeling hungry due to the added fiber in them.

They taste really good. But the fiber in them is the kind that will make your stomach hurt and your intestines knot up and give you horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE gas. Constant horrible gas. For hours. While you are trying to sleep and I'm amazed that Millie stayed in bed with me (and even under the covers) last night because it was bad. Very very bad and I'm throwing the rest of the shakes in the trash. I do not want to go through what I went through last night again.

I can't eat Fiber One bars either because they do the exact same thing to me.

We will see how this diet goes, so far so good this week even though (and have I said this yet?) I am VERY VERY HUNGRY!

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DancingMooney said...

I keep Gas-X in the cabinet for nights like those... that stuff really works! My weakness is cookies. They are so easy to eat for breakfast, for lunch, for an afternoon snack... for an after dinner snack! I'm terrible, when there are cookies in the house, which is usually, because my husband just keeps bringing more home from the store!