Monday, October 26, 2015

Adult Diaper Time?

One of the really *fun* things about getting older is that when you cough or sneeze unexpectedly sometimes you pee your pants. Like yesterday evening. I had taken my shower and was in my nightgown getting ready to relax on the couch with some TV watching when COUGH! and oh my god I have to run down the hallway to the bathroom RIGHT NOW! And then trying to run down the hallway and coughing again and more peeing as I'm running and maybe I need those Tena pads or some Depends!

Then it happened again this morning. I didn't think I needed to pee but when I coughed suddenly it was time to run down the hallway again.

Just one of the perks of being (ack) 60 I guess.

We have not done a whole lot around here lately but we are enjoying the weather finally getting cool enough to not have to run the air conditioner anymore knock on wood. Our fall comes late, the leaves have barely started turning on the trees while I see pictures on people's blogs of trees in full fall mode and people buying pumpkins all bundled up in sweaters and gloves. The people, not the pumpkins. We are still in our t-shirts here and still have the ceiling fans going all day (and night). I do like having the windows and doors open except when all the gardeners come all at once and start mowing and leaf blowing, then I have to go shut everything again because it gets so loud. We don't have a gardener, being too cheap to pay for one and also no grass growing right now because we don't waste water on the (dead) grass.

Millie is currently laying on the shorts that Keith left on top of his unmade bed when he went off to work last night, she misses him when he is gone.

Sad little puppy face.

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