Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dollar Store Garden Decor

First, here is a household tip for those of you who have trash cans in different rooms of the house. Put the roll of trash can liners in the bottom of the trash can and then when it's time to change the liner bag you don't have to go hunt down a fresh one.

However, don't do like Keith did one time and take the whole trash can out to the can and dump it all in, trash AND roll of liner bags.

I went to the 99c store the other day, I had cleaned out my spice drawer and need to replace a few spices and sometimes you can find them at the cheapo stores. I don't shop at those stores all that often, I really don't enjoy shopping these days, finding it just another chore rather than a fun outing. Every once in a while I will go look and see what kind of junk they have and sometimes find a gem in there though. Like the glue sticks that work really well for my paper crafts, well enough so that I bought every glue stick they had. Glue sticks that have never been restocked despite my looking for them in three different 99c stores. I did find a place to order them online for $1.19 with free shipping though.

Anyway, 99c store time and the new one by us is not all that bad to shop in, convenient to the house and clean. I found some parsley in the spice section and some dog/cat wet wipes in the dog/cat section. Dog/cat wipes that come in very handy now that the cats are outside a lot and really like to roll around in the dirt. I wandered down the aisle with garden stuff and found some metal 'yes I like tacky decorative stuff in my garden' yard art things. They were a little more than 99c though (yes, shocking!) being 1.49 for the small ones and 1.99 for the larger ones.

I was in the mood to do a cleaning out of the flower beds yesterday, getting rid of dead blooms and a few dead plants and then planting more in some of the bare spots, so my little bargain trellis things got planted as well.

And as you can see, we are not watering the grass at all. I will water the flowers, but these are flowers that don't need a whole lot of water once the new ones get established.
It was a good thing I decided to do a little gardening yesterday, Keith had shut and locked the shed door the afternoon before, while I usually leave the door open an inch or so in case one of the many animals we have is inside nosing about. I didn't realize he had locked the door and when I went to feed the cats yesterday morning Pepper was not first in line like she usually is. I didn't think much about it, being so early in the morning, not having had my coffee yet, and just the fact that we have a lot of cats and what is one less for breakfast anyway. Hours later when I went to get my trowel out of the shed, here comes Pepper, who had been locked in there overnight. She was happy to see me to say the least.

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