Monday, April 27, 2015

There's a Bird in My Shoe!

I guess we are going to have to put all bird feeders in the front yard so the birds won't keep getting preyed upon by big old bad old Buddy. Yesterday I was fixing my lunch (the last of the egg salad) and usually sit at the counter in the kitchen to eat. Buddy was napping on the chair at the counter so I thought I'd be nice and not disturb him, instead eating my lunch at the table in the living room. I'm eating, hear a flapping noise, and then see Pepper jumping off of the cat perch and going over to the corner by the kitchen behind the couch.

And there, in my pink croc shoe, is a tiny little bird. I don't know how it got there, there were no feathers in the house so the bird hadn't been in the house long, and as far as I knew Buddy had been asleep. He is the usual suspect, though, so he must have snuck out and then snuck right back in with that bird.

I covered up my shoe with a towel and took the shoe and bird outside, where the bird sat there long enough for me to get a picture and then flew off.
Then Buddy and Pepper spent about 20 minutes sniffing around my shoes wondering where their new toy had gone.

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