Friday, April 24, 2015

Really Expensive Lunch

Or was it dinner?

The other day I picked Keith up from work and he suggested going to lunch afterwards. It was a little after noon when I picked him up and then we couldn't leave until the van driver that had brought him back on a deadhead from Needles was notified to turn around and bring him his phone that he had left on the seat of the van. Fortunately the van hadn't gotten very far when he realized he left his phone, so we were only waiting for about 15 minutes. He usually keeps his phone in his pocket, thereby lessening the chances of him leaving it somewhere, but he had been texting me (yes, we can text now!) about what time he'd be getting to the yard and then laid it on the seat.

Anyway, we went home after getting his phone so he could do a few things, and while he was doing those few things I was trying to think of someplace not too far away where he could get a steak for lunch, which was what he was craving. I remembered the Tahoe Joe's restaurant down in the Marketplace on our side of town and went online to see what their lunch menu looked like. We had been there once before but it was years ago when we'd been given a gift card and had never been back.

The lunch menu looked a bit pricey at around $15.00 an entree and since he wanted a steak and not a Sizzler steak, we decided to go ahead and go there for lunch. By the time he finished all his things he wanted to do, me sitting there extremely hungry since it was way past my usual lunchtime, it was also past Tahoe Joe's lunchtime and when we finally got there we were given dinner menus.

And, looking at the dinner menu prices, I realized why we had never gone back there. That food ought to not only be the best food I'd ever eaten, but it better follow me home and clean my house, too! Expensive! Keith chose a ribeye steak at $27.99, yes, Twenty Seven Ninety Nine! and I chose grilled chicken at whatever price it was, I think around $16.99. Keith's steak dinner at least came with soup or salad but mine was an extra $2.99 for either, so I didn't get either one. They do bring you a couple of sourdough rolls for free, but damn, they'd better give you something for free when you are spending $27.99 for a piece of meat and some green beans!

The food was good (which it better be!) but certainly not Sixty dollars before the tip good, so I don't think we will be eating lunch/dinner there again any time soon!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, Keith slept in and then got up, then took a nap, then got up, then took another nap and on and on. He was scheduled to go back out about 9pm, which turned into 2:30am, so he's back on the road this morning after being a lazy butt yesterday despite my nagging to at least get a little something done. He did get two of the plants that have been sitting in their pots for weeks waiting to be planted into the ground and did buy some more bark to fill in the flower beds and help keep them moist.

Our city finally decided to implement watering your yard restrictions, allowing you to water on alternate days, the days depending on whether your address is even or odd, but they are still allowing 3 days per week, which as far as I'm concerned won't do much to save water at all. I think it should be no lawn watering at all, flower beds and trees on alternate days. Nobody used their lawns around here so why do they need to be bright green all summer?

I'm not going to water my lawn at all, but will try and keep the flowers alive since we spent so much time and money on those.

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