Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bugs And More Lucy And The Mockingbird

I am about ready to go buy a pellet gun and make me some mockingbird pie.

Lucy kind of moved herself to the back yard after being repeatedly harassed by the loud loud mockingbird out front. She has been hanging about under the awning on the side of the shed, it's surrounded on three sides by the fences and side of the shed, stays fairly cool with the shade and the big vine thing that grows on the fence, and also has access into the shed through the side window. We have an old cat condo thing sitting under the window that Genie has always used to either lay on or get into the shed where there is a conveniently located big enough for a cat to lay on shelf right inside the window.

Lucy has seemed fairly content to stay in the back yard and Genie has been surprisingly uncomplaining about the invasion and for the past week or so each cat has been keeping to their side of the yard. Genie gets the best location, under the patio shade with the water misters going on hot days. The only time Lucy has been venturing forth into the front yard is late in the evening after mockingbirds have gone to bed.

It's also a little easier to feed them in the mornings with both cats in one yard instead of going out front to feed one and then out back to feed the other.

The mockingbird has found Lucy, though, and has continued the harassment. Or maybe it's another mockingbird, but whoever it is, Lucy can't sit on the patio without it swooping down on her, screeching at her from atop the fence or in one of the trees, or even from the palm tree in the next door neighbor's back yard. She has been hiding in the shed during mockingbird time of day.

They are a rather annoying but incredibly brave type of bird.

Now, why in the world are roly poly bugs invading my house? I've had ants in the house numerous times and we get the outdoor cockroaches (ugh) in the garage and occasionally one of the cats brings one inside, but never roly poly bugs wandering about.

For the past few weeks, I've found one or two a day in either the front room or the bathroom. They don't creep me out like other bugs, but what the heck are they doing in the house? I don't know what they normally eat, but whatever it is I don't think they are going to find it in my bedroom. Or in the bathroom.

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