Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Cat Bed

We went shopping at Walmart on Sunday afternoon, which is a bad time to go shopping anywhere let alone Walmart. Keith needed to get some new work boots and there were a few other things we needed, so Walmart it was and if you are really bored you could sit out front of Walmart and watch people all day long. You do see some interesting folks there. Like the time I was coming out of the store and a man and a woman were coming in with one of those kid shopping carts with the big plastic kid seat thing on it, kind of like those carts with the kid car in the front of them. There were no kids sitting in the big plastic seat, but the full grown woman part of the couple was. Or the heavily tattooed girl we saw as we were leaving whose jeans were so tight and so low cut that she had quite a plumber's butt going on. A plumber's butt that squished out over the top of her way too tight pants. Or the couple that at first we thought were lesbians but then realized that one of them actually WAS a man. With quite the man boob chest thing going on. Both had lots of tattoos of course because hey, why buy your kids some food with your welfare money when there's a tattoo parlor open somewhere?

Anyway, after lots of trying on boots while I not so patiently waited, Keith found a pair that were comfortable enough. When we got home he put the boot box on the floor and about two seconds later Mimi had found herself a new cat bed.

She slept in that box for quite a while that day.

Then yesterday I had my box of ribbons sitting on the bed and hey, a box of ribbons looks like a good place for a nap, right?


Every time I watch the news this time of year I wonder why the weather reporter doesn't just phone it in because the weather is basically the same every day. It's hot, folks. It was hot yesterday, it will be hot today, and yes, it will be hot tomorrow also. Just put up a big sign that says IT'S FREAKING HOT! and that's all we need to know, you can take the day off and sit by the pool with a glass of iced tea.


Mom said...

It's not that hot here, but it's humid, which we're not used to, and it gets a little hard to figure out what to wear. The temperature says start out with a light jacket, but the humidity quickly says "take that thing off before you melt!" Having it cloudy at least keeps the temp down, but also holds the humidity close to the ground. Can't win!!

Linda said...

Not a good idea to go to Target on a Sunday, either! Around here, everyone seems to go to church and then head off to Target after.