Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It Wasn't A Monster

Just a baby praying mantis fighting for its life after I accidentally sprayed it with some detergent insecticide.

We have aphids on our wildflowers, so I was spraying them with this soap based insecticide that I found that is supposedly much better for pets and the environment and all that but will still kill nasty little bugs. I was spraying away and disturbed a little praying mantis that was frantically going down the flower stem that it was on, away from the soap that I hope didn't kill it. He blended in so well with the stem that I wouldn't have noticed it all all except for the scurrying movement.

I was trying to get a closer look at it which apparently it didn't like because he started to look kind of like this, waving his legs around in a very menacing way. Preying mantises are quite brave, I've even seen one going up against Lucy cat.
Actually it really only looked like this, and again I hope I didn't kill it!
I was messing around on Etsy a week or so ago, looking at threads in the forums and such and found a new shop that sells greeting cards and I had to have this one, not to send to someone but to frame and put in the kitchen. The shop is BeautifulMomentCards.etsy.com and she is in Canada. I thought the card might take a while to get here, but it was in my mailbox in about a week and it is so darn cute. It makes me smile to see this first thing in the morning (any time of the day actually) and even Keith liked it.
Rise and Shine!

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