Monday, June 9, 2014

Mimi Sitting On Things Again And Dinner Southern Style

I let the cats go outside early this morning, as I've been doing most mornings lately. They chomp at the bit until I open the door and they all run outside to eat grass or wander about. I looked out a while later to check on everyone and here is Mimi sitting on top of a pile of bricks, a pile of bricks that have been in that spot for months and months now, but this is the first time I've seen her realize she could sit on them.

Like most projects Keith starts, the pathway from the back door to the patio is still not finished, that is why bricks are piled up in the back yard.
Yesterday Keith was home and was expecting to go back out late in the evening, so he (finally) did the weed whacking in the front yard that he was supposed to do last week when I mowed the yard but never got to it, surprise surprise. It was very hot outside and I kept nagging him to get it done early in the day, but no, he waited until early afternoon and was very hot and sweaty when he was done. He laid down on the bed for 'just a minute' still in his sweaty clothes and grass covered pants, and was out cold for about 3 hours. I had fixed low carb macaroni and cheese for lunch, I try to fix a more substantial lunch on days when he will need to nap later to go to work that night, so after cooking and cleaning up after cooking I didn't really feel like cooking a dinner, too, but was getting really really hungry by the time he woke up. I suggested going over to J's Place Chicken and Waffle House for an early dinner, thinking we would beat the crowds and I wouldn't have to cook again. Well, we didn't beat the crowds, there were a bunch of church people from what I'm guessing was some kind of revival meeting, everyone was in their Sunday best and had name tags on that I was trying to read without looking like I was trying to read them, so I'm not sure what kind of church they were from, but I guess church revival type people like their Southern food. The place was packed and our waitress was really earning her tips.

We got our dinners very quickly despite the crowds, Keith had meat loaf but it was a little too spicy for him, and I had southern enchiladas, always delicious. The menu has things on it that I would never eat, like neck bones. I also don't get the chicken and waffles thing, but apparently everyone else does because it's a very popular choice. To me waffles belong with eggs and chicken belongs with mashed potatoes, but that's just me and if I'd grown up in the South I'd probably be eating my chicken with waffles, too.

After we got home, Keith went back to bed figuring he'd get a call about 10pm or so, but when I got up this morning he was still home. He had woken up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep anymore, and then he got called for a 9am drive in the van to catch a train on its way from Needles. He wasn't too thrilled about riding in a van through the hot desert to relieve a crew and probably only get as far as Barstow before he and his engineer would also need relieving. They can only work 12 hours and then they are done and the train sits wherever until a fresh crew arrives.

So, he will be home in the next day or two and then the cycle of rest and sleep and try to get a few things done will start again. He does get paid very well for all the inconvenience of weird hours, though!

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Mom said...

I have to ask.....what is a southern enchilada? I agree that chicken and waffles sounds a bit strange, but then I don't eat waffles that often anyway, not having a waffle machine.