Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stinky Cats and a DUH Moment

Not a whole lot has been going on around here, hence the lack of posts recently. About all I have to talk about is annoying cats and how fast time flies by. It's April already. What?

A few days ago Keith let Pepper go out into the backyard, where instead of getting some exercise so maybe she would lose some weight (she is quite rotund) she went over into the grassy area, which isn't really a grassy area, more like a dirt area with some of that thick foxtail producing grass. She sat herself down and had apparently enjoyed just sitting there. Maybe she thought she was in secret agent mode and the grass was hiding her. Apparently she was also eating some of the grass, which our cats like to do and then come inside and vomit it up somewhere.

Instead of vomiting up the grass, it went through Pepper's digestive system and came out the other end. She was acting all funny the day after she ate the grass, kind of running around and scooting like dogs do when they have whatever it is they have when they scoot around on their bottoms (worms?) and I see marks on the rug and realize it's poo. So I go find Pepper and see something coming out of her bottom with poo stuck to it and (gag) get a wet cloth to wipe her bottom for her. It's grass coming out of her and she was frantically trying to get it OFF already. Keith was trying to help but made it worse by turning her over on her back, which she really really hates, I usually just grab her by the neck and hold her down to clean her bottom. She protested and tried to scratch but I got the grass and poo off of her (gag) and she went running off.

And that is the most fun we've had all week.

We took Harri to the vet a few weeks ago, her eye is always somewhat weepy because of her cat herpes, but it was getting worse. We got some cream for her eye and also a reminder to give her the lysine supplement that I used to give both her and Bear but then slacked off on it. I got a new tube of Viralys for her, which is a gel kind of like toothpaste in a tube and supposedly tastes good to cats. I know when I was giving it on a regular basis to both Harri and Bear they never seemed to mind too much.

The way I've always given them the Viralys is with an injector thing like a syringe, I would stick the end of the syringe into the hole in the tube and then attempt to suck some of the gel into the syringe. I did this for a long time. Then the other night as I was trying to go to sleep, the DUH moment came upon me. Why not fill up the syringe by taking the plunger out and putting the tube into the syringe from the big end, then plunging it down to the dispenser end?

DUH! And DUH again. Why did it take me years to think of this? It is SO much easier!


And here is a bonus picture of the best buds Bear and Mimi. I thought it was cute the way Bear is 'hugging' Mimi.

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