Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nothing Much

Same old, same old around around here. Our weekend was extra exciting, with lots of yard work. We hadn't gotten a nasty gram from our homeowners association for a while, and then here comes a letter about how we need to make sure our yard is kept up. Which we do try to do except for the weeds growing in the cracks in the driveway and the brown spots in the yard. Not that it looks really trailer park trashy, but not as good as they want I guess. And not like you can't go down to the end of our street to what we call the ghetto street and see Christmas lights still up and junk cars in driveways. We have a whole section of our neighborhood that is rental housing and I suspect probably low income as well, judging from some of those wrecked cars, but okay, we will get the weeds out of the cracks in the driveway and try and get the grass to grow.

Weed whacking is not my idea of fun and the vibrations make your arms hurt, but we got the yard looking pretty good (except for the brown spots) so hopefully the spies for the homeowners association will be appeased.

Keith worked his first overnight shift last night, taking an evening nap until 10pm and then off to work to clock in at 11:30. I wasn't expecting him until around 8:30 this morning so when I heard some banging around a little after 6:30 I went to go yell at the cats but it was him coming home early. If they get their work done early, they get to go home but still get paid for the entire shift. So, of course everyone wants to get done early.

He is napping on the couch right now and we will see how it goes with him trying to sleep during the day. Today is of course the noisiest day, with gardeners coming  through the neighborhood all day long and lots of leaf blowers in use. Some day we will hire gardeners too, I hope.

Buddy brought in a cockroach last night and then I found another one (dead thankfully) in the middle of the floor this morning. Fun cat toys, those cockroaches!

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