Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Between A Rock And A Hard Place


Lucy has taken to laying in the flower bed between the sidewalk and garage, and now has more room to lay there since I finally trimmed back our vines, which I think are jasmine but I really don't remember. They do have small white flowers and smell good, so jasmine it must be. Anyway, she lies in the dirt under the vines where it must be a little cooler or she feels hidden and more secure, and the coloring of her coat makes her blend right in. Camo Kitty.

Yesterday, I see her crawl in behind the flamingo's legs, in between a rock and the sprinkler pipe, where she settled in for what looked to me a rather uncomfortable spot to lay around in.

Last week Buddy got into a fight with the black and white cat that so aggressively comes through our yard. I had let all the cats out back and they had been out for quite a while, so I figured it was time to rattle the treat bag so they would all come in for their treats. One day they will realize that treats being rattled means door being shut, but until then it's a trick that works really well, and most of the time they are ready to come in for a snack and a nap anyway. So, everyone is in except for Buddy and as I'm going to the door to call him I see him tearing along the back fence and behind the shed and then all hell breaks loose with cats snarling and hissing and I run outside still holding the treat bag to find Buddy and black and white cat going at each other in the back corner of the yard by the fence. I'm yelling and the black and white cat jumps up the fence but then stops at the top, turns around and looks at me, and if he had fingers I'm sure he would have been making rude gestures at me with them and if he could talk I'm sure he would be saying something along the lines of F*#K YOU BITCH! and then after I yelled at him again he took off.

Buddy is of course all freaked out and the other cats inside are all freaked out, so I left Buddy outside to calm down for a bit. When he did come in he was all hissing and making that weird distressed noise that cats make and he went into the garage to hide. I went off on the bike to do a few errands and get a few things for dinner, and when I got back he seemed a little calmer and even jumped up onto the counter to smell the celery I had bought. Cats like celery smell, especially Pepper who will actually roll around on it.

Then later, he was walking around and I noticed he was limping quite a bit and hissed at me like it was my fault, and off into the garage he went to hide again. When Keith got home I told him about the fight, so he went into the garage to check on Buddy and saw the limp and thought maybe he had broken something. He was all ready to rush him to the vet but then I remembered about Buddy being able to jump up onto the counter and if something were broken it seemed to me that he wouldn't have been able to do that, so we decided to just let him lick his wounds so to speak in the privacy of the garage.

The next day I did NOT let the cats go outside (which they were a little pissy about) and Buddy was still acting like he didn't feel good and still limping. I did notice a spot on the top of the leg that he was limping on, a spot that basically would be the same as our armpit, that looked funny. He let me feel around a little before he hissed at me, and I could feel like what must have been a puncture wound from a claw that had started to scab over. I never saw any blood anywhere, so I'm thinking that the puncture wound was making him cranky and limp and we just needed to keep an eye on it to make sure it didn't get infected.

So, no expensive vet visit needed and Buddy seems to be back to his normal self. A little bit of a bully and full of boy cat mischief. But when he sits next to you and wants his chin rubbed he is of course a little angel. Until you don't rub it the right way and he bites you that is.

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