Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Really Fat Bird

Our Memorial Day weekend was totally uneventful, boring actually. We didn't join the millions of people who crowded into campgrounds or on beaches or went sailing or played golf or whatever other fun things people found to do last weekend. No, ours was spent at home with me being kind of bored and Keith working on some things, but not the things that I really wanted him to work on such as the laundry closet doors.

He did fix a door, our back sliding door has been a struggle to open and close for years and years now, the wheels on the bottom were worn out and finally completely broke. For a few days we went out the front door and through the side gate to get to the back yard to feed Genie which was kind of a huge pain in the you know what. The door was also a huge pain in the you know what when it came time to take it down and fix the wheels. Keith had to grind down the metal tracks to even get the thing out and then I had to help him take the thing outside so he could get the wheels out and clean it all up and put new ones in. I don't know what double paned sliding glass doors weigh, but it must be a lot because that thing is HEAVY. The fixing of the door pretty much took up an entire day, but it is so  nice to be able to just barely pull on the handle and have it slide right open.

Yesterday I was in the living room and right outside the newly easy to open sliding door was a butterball of a bird hopping around. It looked like a feathery softball with a beak and legs and I've never seen such a chubby bird before. I realized it must be a baby scrub jay, its back was starting to turn scrub jay blue and it was the size of an adult scrub jay but about ten times fatter. And so cute!

I tried to get a good picture of it as it was exploring our yard and finding the bird feeder, but couldn't get one that really showed how fat this little guy was.

I did find a professional type picture of one of these birds on the internet, great place for finding pictures when your own don't come out so well!

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