Thursday, April 25, 2013


I saw this picture on some story about fast food foods on Yahoo yesterday. You know, one of those stories that pop up on the home page that are full of information that everyone really really needs to know like what the latest thing that Kim Kardashian is doing. I'm kind of surprised that they don't break into our regular programming on the TV with breaking news about that twit.

Anyway, this picture made my mouth water and my sweet tooth go HEY.

This alone would be worth a trip over to Carl's Jr. if your local Carl's is offering this delicious looking treat. But, you could make it at home just as easily and you could choose your pop tart flavor. I'm thinking chocolate of course, with chocolate ice cream of course, but I'm sure there are lots of flavor combinations that we could all come up with. Or even an ice cream sundae with broken up pop tarts and chocolate sauce and I'd better shut up or I'll be over at Walmart in a minute picking out pop tarts and ice cream.

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Jennifer said...

I hope Jeremy doesnt see that. He loves strawberry pop tarts. I personally dont rally care for them much anymore, but I have seen some flavors that make me want to try them.