Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh, The Irony!

This morning after Keith went and turned in his paperwork for his new job and took his drug test, we went over to Winco to get some groceries since we are sick of eating cheap stuff like burritoes and it's okay to go a little overboard and get some good food since he has a new job and all.

So what happens while we are gone, but Genesee and Wyoming calls and leaves a message wanting Keith to go up to Exeter on Monday for an interview. Just a couple of hours AFTER he takes another job. And is all ready to start on Monday. What the hell and who is running things around here? Why, oh why, couldn't this railroad guy have called one day earlier?

Needless to say, while really really disappointed, Keith is definitely NOT calling his new job to tell them he won't take it after all. The railroad is such a fickle business and it's so very hard to actually land a job with them that he needs to hang onto that bird in hand and not go after the one in the bush.

But, oh my good God (or whoever is responsible for this comedy of errors) what bad timing. His dream job would be with a railroad and in just a matter of hours it was crushed.

We both don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I do think this pump mechanic job will be a good one, though. Here's hoping, anyway.

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