Monday, December 31, 2012

What a Fiasco That Was

I just got back from not one, but two post offices. I had 4 orders to go out today, and being my usual lazy self, decided that instead of walking them over to Office Depot to drop them off, I would just leisurely drive up to the main post office where you can drop your packages off in the slot up until 7pm during the week for the last pickup. I also had Keith's bi-weekly unemployment forms to mail back saying that yes, he looked for a job, and I don't really like handing something like that to an Office Depot employee but would prefer to drop it off at the post office where hopefully it wouldn't get lost or opened or whatever. So, about 3:00 I decide to drive on up there, making a stop at CVS first for new toothbrushes to start out the New Year with.


I get to the big main post office and am amazed at how quiet the parking lot is, and then realize that it's quiet because they closed the counter at 1pm since it's such a big holiday and all and I'm assuming the postal employees wanted to get started on their drinking early. So, I go to drop my packages in the drop box thing they have on the wall to drop packages and some a$$hole has jammed the drop box door with a box that they crammed in there, making it impossible for anyone else to drop a package. Well, crap.

The other post office is about the same distance from our house as this one, 7 miles, but in the entire opposite direction making it a total of 14 miles to get there, but packages need to go out since I already advised my customers that they were indeed going out today, so I will drive the 14 additional miles and then the 7 miles back to the house to get these packages on their way.

I get to the other post office, which has also closed at 1pm so that those employees can go drink, and by now I have to go to the bathroom, nothing unusual about that and I'll just have to hold it for the 7 miles back home and hope there is not too much traffic which there usually is on the road back home. I go to drop my packages off in the thing on the wall, and drop the biggest package in first, a large order going to Australia, and there are so many packages and pieces of mail already in the bin under the drop slot that my big package doesn't drop all the way down and JAMS THE DROP BOX. So now I am the total a$$hole who jammed the drop box. I try to make it drop down by banging the drop door a few times, look around for a coat hanger or something to shove the package down with, and of course there are no coat hangers laying around the post office but maybe one of their free priority mail boxes would work to shove my package down with, so I grab one of those and stick that down in the slot to try and shove my package down, which doesn't work too well, and then the priority mail box ALSO GETS STUCK IN THE SLOT. And now I am the biggest a$$hole in the world and have ruined the mailing experience for all the people who will be trying to drop packages off for the rest of the day and if they decide to drive up to the big main post office the other biggest a$$hole in the world has already ruined that drop box for them, too.

Of course by now it is too late to drop the packages at Office Depot, where I should have just gone in the first place, regardless of the important unemployment papers in their envelope that needed to be mailed, because their pickup is at 3:30pm and it is well past that considering all the driving around that I had to do and then still wasn't able to mail the other 3 packages that I couldn't mail because of the a$$hole that jammed the box- ME.

I really hope that today is not an indication of how well the New Year is going to go.

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