Sunday, November 11, 2012

Murphy's Law?

You know how you pay your car off and a week later it breaks down? Or you get a tax refund and then the refrigerator breaks down? Or you get laid off from your job and lose your insurance and your tooth starts hurting?

Well, that is what's happening here. We haven't got our car paid off yet, still another couple of years on that, and we don't have a broken refrigerator, knock on wood, but we do have a very achy tooth. Very. Achy. Hurts.

For a few years now I've been telling the different dentists that I've seen, different because it seems like the dental offices up here can't manage to keep the same dentist on staff for some reason and each time you come in for a visit you are seeing someone new, but anyway I've been telling them that one of my molars has something wrong with it. About 5 years ago I bit down on something crunchy and my tooth hurt. So, I figured the something crunchy cracked my tooth. It didn't hurt all the time, just when I would bite something crunchy in a particular way, so I kind of avoided biting crunchy things with that tooth. Every dentist I've seen since has looked at it and taken x-rays of it and seen nothing wrong with it.

Well now there is definitely something wrong. I'm thinking maybe there was a miniscule crack that couldn't be seen that has now become the Grand Canyon and I've been taking aspirin every few hours and putting orajel on my tooth and hot compresses on my jaw since Friday. My whole jaw, not just the one suspect tooth is HURTING. And of course it is the weekend. When the dentist's office is closed. And we have no insurance.

So, first thing tomorrow will be a call to see how quickly I can get in and get this tooth looked at and maybe get some Vicodin and see how much it will cost to either get this thing out of my mouth or put a crown on it.

And, speaking of crowns, the strangest thing with this crown that I got put on a tooth on the other side of my mouth, when I chew food on the side with the crown away from the hurting tooth, the food does not taste right, like my taste buds got novocained and have never recovered. Can that happen? The good thing is that I don't eat as much because the food tastes so blah, but still, I would like to be able to enjoy what I'm eating because even if the food doesn't taste right I'm hungry!

So, that's the fun I'm having this weekend.

In other news, we have 2 down and about 5 to go on the stray and abandoned cats 'yes I shouldn't have been feeding these kittens that were born in my garage but I'm stupid' situation here. We caught one of the kittens in the trap on Thursday or Friday, and Keith took it down to the shelter where obviously it will be put down because it is feral and yes that is sad but you would do the same thing if you had all these cats running around. Then we caught the calico cat that actually belonged to stupid and stupider next door and took her over the the shelter yesterday. The stupids kept trying to shove the calico into a cat carrier and the calico was having none of that and was biting and scratching, so then they came back after they had officially moved out and tried to trap her by feeding her first, then putting food in the trap and standing next to it going 'here kitty kitty' and the calico is not as stupid as her owners so she would have none of that either. So, they just left her here figuring we would feed her.

We kind of starved her for a day and then put food in the trap early on Saturday and in she went. Keith told the people at the shelter about the abandoned cat issue and they do send a notice to the homeowner about it and file some sort of complaint against stupid and stupider if they left a forwarding address, so we are hoping they get some kind of fine or something. Because those two were STUPID. We are very glad to see them both gone even if it means cleaning up the cat mess.

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Mom said...

You sound like me when I had the infected tooth that had to come out and be replace by a bridge (which looks really good, by the way.) My whole face hurt, and I was almost in tears on the way to Dr. Mike's office. He and the dental surgeon across the way took good care of me, and it's been fine ever since. Insist on the dentist really giving your tooth a thorough sounds as if you may have had a wee crack that got bigger.