Thursday, August 16, 2012

Clean as a Whistle

That's how Keith's colon is.

No cancer, no polyps, just fresh as a daisy! Especially after the colon blow prep he went through, where he was up at 3:30 am to drink his second dose and then napped on and off between trips to the toilet until it was time to get up and go to his appointment.

His appointment where you sit and wait, sit and wait, sit and wait, and then finally get called in where you lay in a bed and wait, lay in a bed and wait, then finally go in for your colonoscopy. Which we are very glad was good news.

It's been hot hot hot here, Monday was the hottest day so far of this heat wave, with like 110, and the rest of this week has been close to that with like 105 and 106. It's been so hot that after walking through the parking lot to go into Foods Co and then walking back to the car I needed a shower after I got home.

We were promised a cool down to the high 90s by next week but now they have changed their minds and sorry, it'll still be up over 100 for a while longer. Blech. I hate feeling all hot and sweaty, the worst part is sweating through my bra and then I feel all wet and clammy and really really cranky. Armpit sweat, not so bad, under the breasts sweat, AWFUL.

But in a few months it will get cold and then I can start complaining about how cold my feet are.


Margo said...

Excellent news on Keith's checkup! Always a relief to know things are going well.

Linda said...

You can imagine how glad I am to hear this!