Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ants and Man Camps

This morning I'm wondering why there are what appear to be cookie or cracker crumbs all over my bathroom sink and then I realize that they are moving and the cookie crumbs are actually very tiny little brown ants. Why are they all over my bathroom sink? Because I washed my hands last night with some sugar scrub stuff and apparently a little drop of it was left on the sink. Tiny brown ants like sugar scrub I guess.

I was going to use the sugar scrub in the shower, I had bought it for a gift and then gave the person something else instead so had this sugar scrub in a drawer and found it the other day, but it says right on the label that it may make your shower slippery and that's all that I need is to slip in the shower, crack my head open, and die while Keith is out of town and then the cats would eat me when they got really hungry because nobody is alive to come and feed them.

So, to keep the cats from eating me I tried it on my hands instead of in the shower. It is now in the trash can.

Well, Keith's big adventure at the Savage Man Camp in The Middle of Nowhere, North Dakota is turning into a big fiasco. The company is overseen by Savage but is actually a subcontractor or something like that, and they built this big refinery to refine the oil that is sucked out of the sand or shale or something, and now they need tanker cars to take all this oil somewhere else. They have only actually been in operation for a week and they got in a big panic about whether the tanker cars they leased are operational and needed experts to come look at them. Of course they provided no tools or anything else to make any repairs, and you can't just start welding on rail cars that have carried oil even if they had provided welding machines, because oil is toxic and flammable and all that (duh) but the guy running the show there thinks that Keith and his boss can magically make all of these tanker cars shiny new so that they can put the oil in them.

So, it is turning into a big mess and Keith's boss is so mad that he is trying to change their plane tickets to fly out of The Middle of Nowhere as soon as possible. So, who knows when Keith will be home, maybe a lot sooner than originally planned. What a waste of airfare, time, hassle, etc.

He did say that the nearest 'big city' has a Walmart and restaurants and is about 20 minutes away, so they were able to get some groceries and anything else they needed. The Savage Man Camp doesn't have a canteen but did give them a trailer with a refrigerator and a TV in it.

It also rains out there in The Middle of Nowhere, a rare treat for someone from Bakersfield. It's also a whole lot cooler than it is here right now and of course nobody thought to bring a jacket.

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